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Austria (12)
Estate agents in Austria: houses, flats or apartments, properties, buildings...
Canada (3)
Real Estate in Canada: buy/lease/sell homes or houses, apartments, properties...
Germany (2)
Estate agents in Germany: buildings, houses, flats, properties...
Ireland (5)
Real estate in Ireland: properties, houses, flats, estate agents, agencies...
The Bahamas (3)
Real estate in the Bahamas Islands: luxury homes, condominiums, apartments, properties...
The Iberian Peninsula (16)
Estate agents in the Iberian Peninsula: Castile, Portugal, Catalonia and Andorra, the Basque Country.
UK (6)
Estate agents in the United Kingdom: flats, houses, properties, warehouses...
USA (6)
Real estate in the United States of America: houses, apartments, condominiums, properties...


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  • Pakistan Property Portal
    The emerging property portal based in Pakistan - offering the highest levels of service to property buyers sellers, tenants alike and to real estate agents in major cities of Pakistan. You will get all the information here about property in Pakistan, including Pakistan real estate and property dealers.
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  • Brazil Real Estate For Sale
    Brazilian Homes is a leading promoter and reputable expert on real estate in Brazil. Offering a selection of the best investment property for sale in Natal, Pipa, Fortaleza, Maceió, Bahķa, Recife, Joćo Pessoa, Aracajś and Rio de Janeiro, from luxury apartments to the more affordable investment properties. Brazilian Homes's professional and multi lingual staff are based in Brazil and therefore understand the property market and only present the best properties for sale.
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